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Folk Dancing in Hawke's Bay

"Heart of the Sun"

Hawke's Bay Morris dancers

Morris is an ancient dance form that has an unbroken tradition going back hundreds of years in some places in Britain and was danced to celebrate the seasons and to ensure the crops did well and the stock multiplied. Traditionally danced by the men of the village, Morris has undergone something of a revival dating from the early part of this century and is now thoroughly enjoyed by young and old of both gender.

Morris is usually danced in a side" or set of six people forming two lines of three and the dances are vigorous and aerobic and generate a great deal of fun, enthusiasm and humour.There are many different traditions in England each with a wide range of different dances.The "Heart of the Sun Morris " side is alive and well and performs at School fairs, Wine festivals, Homes for the Aged, and major fund raising efforts such as the Teddy Bears picnic. We do this for fun and there is no charge - More members would be very welcome and not only people interested in dancing but also musicians who are are able to play penny whistle, recorder, violin, banjo, accordion, melodion etc.Our annual sub is $10.At present we practice on Thursday at Keirunga Gardens, Havelock North starting at 7p.m.For more information please contact one of the following:

Martin A'Court Ph: (06) 8746676 Fax: (06) 8746675 Lynette & Gordon Hills Ph: (06) 8750129/Email

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"Heart of the Sun" Sunrise New Years Day, Te Mata Peak, Hastings, New Zealand

International Dancing Group - contact Kathleen Osborne phone: (06) 877 8643. Email contact

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